Some projects I worked on:  

Automotive industry:

Training materials for car technicians

User manual for a luxury limousine

Spare parts catalogues

Diagnostics software

Checklists for technical support

Product description of a wheel balancer

Marketing materials for motorbikes


Automation industry:

Product descriptions for sensors

Product descriptions for barcode readers

Press releases for an automation company


Mechanical engineering:

Description of paper machines

Product information about parcel sorting machines

Description of steel production facilities

Brochure for packaging machines

Information about extruding machines

Specification books for safety valves

Operations manual for a jaw crusher

Risk analysis for an oil refinary

Safety guidelines for a power plant boiler


Help desk articles for web services

User Interface for photography software

Help articles, UI and marketing for a major search engine provider

Marketing material for financial software

UI and marketing copy for mobile apps

Email templates for client communication

Product information about laser printers

Online surveys


Health and safety:

Health and safety regulations for an oil company

User manual for a life raft

Guidelines for control and prevention 

of legionella

Staff guidelines for a fast food chain


Tourism and food:

Marketing copy for hotels

Hotel reviews

Information about local wines and food

Restaurant menus

Franchising information for a bakery brand


Cattle breeding software 

GPS application for tractors


Consumer and household electronics:

User manuals for light applications

User manuals for solar chargers

User manual for creative paper cutter

Product descriptions for amplifiers

Product information for media player 

User manual for a home cinema system

Subtitles for a video tutorial for a vacuum cleaner



Marketing copy for fashion brands 

Press release for retail centre 

Website of a shoe manufacturer

Press release for luxury fashion brand 

Company information for a suitcase manufacturer



Articles about movies

Guitar building workshop 

Voiceover text for a planetarium show

Subtitles for nature documentaries